Saturday, March 4, 2017


First of all, we are in NOLA! It was a fairly easy trip across I-10 from Pensacola, and right now we are in an 11th floor suite at Lowes New Orleans. Because we are in New Orleans, this is going to be a blog big on pictures, short on text. So here goes!

We left Florida this morning, driving west on Interstate 10 through the Panhandle of the state, which looks totally different than the rest of the state. The only Palm Trees we saw were at the Welcome Station for folks heading east on I-10 into Florida!

So, the first of our new states today was Alabama. Susie definitely says she’s never been, I’m thinking I haven’t, but who knows. We saw lots of familiar names on the road signs, but we were headed to NOLA, so there wasn’t time to stop and visit! One neat thing was a tunnel in Mobile, Alabama that I-10 goes through. Here’s interesting picture that Susie took!


Mississippi was our next state and the road signs say, “Birthplace of America’s Music”


The only music we were interested in was Sirius Channel 24 – Radio Margaritaville. That’s because we passed through the birthplace of one, James William Buffett, Pascagoula!


fullsizerenderAs we crossed the border into Louisiana, we were near our destination, New Orleans, and today’s rendezvous with Twins and Company!! We had tickets for the Steamer Natchez at 2:30, so we had to be sure to be there for that! The GPS took us off Interstate 10, and dumped us directly into the French Quarter. Can you say traffic? Well, we got to the hotel a little after 1, parked the car in the Harrah’s Garage across the street, and checked in at Lowes. Our room wasn’t ready but they took our luggage and off we went to meet the kids! Kenny found us as we walked down the street, and escorted us into the bar they were in, and we FINALLY had our first drink in New Orleans! Then it was off to the Natchez, where a good time was had by all!!

Then it was time to get our room, get our luggage delivered, and have a GDD…..


We’re meeting the 2 younger D’Elias and company in a little bit, and God only knows what tonight will bring!! Perhaps I’ll provide some details later, perhaps what happens in NOLA, stays in NOLA.

Here’s the view from our room…


See you tomorrow…maybe?


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