Who we are

We are Sue and Frank D’Elia, newly retired Baby Boomers looking for our next adventure.


Knowing at a young age that she wanted to do something in life that would help people, Sue gravitated to Nursing. First as a Candy Striper volunteer, then a Nurse’s Aide, ultimately going to Pilgrim State School of Nursing and a career as a Registered Nurse. When Frank and Sue met in 1979, Sue was the Evening Charge Nurse of the Pediatric’s Unit at Glen Cove Community Hospital, now part of the Northwell Health System. Sue continued in that position till the birth of their oldest child, son Billy, in 1982. After that, Sue returned to Glen Cove Hospital working a part time schedule as a member of the IV Team. That continued till the birth of their twins, Krissi and Kenny, in 1986. Now the Mom of three young children, Sue took time off to raise them, expecting to return to work when Krissi and Kenny entered first grade. Her plan had to do School Nurse subbing, as that would give her the same hours and holidays as her three children, but because of her nursing background, she was encouraged by the Hampton Street School principal to become a one-on-one aide to a physically challenged child. So began Sue’s second career, which lasted till she retired after the 2013 school year.


Frank has always been jealous of the fact that Sue knew what she wanted to do with her life from a young age, because unlike Sue, Frank had absolutely no idea. This can be clearly seen by the fact that he had 5 majors during his time in college, but this all ended when he walked into the college radio station at C.W. Post College and was bitten by the “radio bug”. His work at WCWP, plus a trip one night with WCWP Chief Engineer Bill Mozer to his place of work (WABC and WPLJ Radio), cemented Frank’s decision that radio would be his life. After college, and obtaining an FCC First Class License, Frank got his first job at WHN Radio in NYC, starting a 44 year run working in New York Radio. Along the way there was a stint at WOR Radio, and he just ended a 40 year run at WABC, when he retired in January of 2016 as WABC’s Senior Production Engineer.

Sue and Frank met at a party on July 3rd, 1977 when they were invited to an early July 4th Party at the home of a couple, the wife who worked with Sue, and the husband who Frank knew from WCWP. They later found out that it was an “arranged party”, the purpose of which was to get the two of them together. It worked!! It was love at first sight, and indeed on their first date, they went to dinner at a Chinese Restaurant, and Frank’s fortune cookie said, “You will marry your present lover, and be happy.” They did just that on September 29, 1979, at the Interfaith Chapel at C.W. Post College and have indeed been very happy!

They are the parents of three great kids, and the Grandparents of three little wonders, and now that they are both retired, looking forward to their next chapter in life and some incredible adventures!!

2 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Frank – I’m so glad to hear that you retired. I was thinking of you today and went online to find you so I could say thank you for being my best man 40 years ago today. When I was going through such a rough period back in 1973 you were the only person who stayed in touch and took me out for a meal and a ride. I remain grateful to this day.
    Alice and I still live in Davenport, Iowa. Alice was able to retire young in 2008. You may recall that I became a high school science teacher. I spent my entire time teaching in an alternative school which I found very rewarding. Two years ago my quiet-for-22 years cancer morphed into an aggressive lymphoma. By the time school was about to start I was only halfway through chemotherapy, so I retired. The cancer was cured but I was very weak for some time. Last April I returned to school as a sub at my old school and I love it very much. I do the imaging for WAVQ in Jacksonville, NC, some commercial work for longtime clients and I’m on litefavorites.com on the weekend. Mostly I enjoy being with Alice and our kitties and being on ham radio.

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