Southwest Chief – Last Look

If you read the blog that I posted very early this morning Eastern time, you know that future editions may be spotty due to wedding activities this coming week.  Saw these photos from our last night on the train that I hadn’t published, and thought I’d use them this morning (it’s 6:23 AM in LA) as a last look at the SWC!

These were all taken during the “fresh air break” in Flagstaff, Arizona during our last night on the train.



The train in the station


The room with blue “night light” is our Bedroom C 


This  is Pinky, our Sleeping Car Attendant

In talking to Pinky, we discovered that she has worked on the Southwest Chief for 40 years. She is part of an LA based crew, and she lives just a couple of blocks from Union Station. She is originally from Chicago, where her father still lives.  Because of the overnight nature of the train’s trip from Chicago to LA and back, the crew does an east and a west trip every week, and then is off for a week.  She gets to spend two nights a month in Chicago with her Dad, and only works 26 weeks a year.  I found this out when I mentioned that the job I retired from, I  did so after being there 40 years.  “Ah, but you worked every day Honey.”, she said, “I only work every other week.”  I asked her about retirement and she said she loved her job so why retire.



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