It’s a Small World After All

Well, it is Disney World, but more about that later!

This was our last day in Walt Disney World, as tomorrow morning we will get back into the Sonata, and journey up north to Ocean City. Today is our 19th day in Florida, and with the exception of the day it rained in Key West, the weather has been incredible. We have eaten out, sat at a tiki bar along the Intracoastal Waterway, and relaxed at the pool! Thank you Florida for giving us these gifts during February, of 2018!

So, today we decided was going to be a relaxing day. We started with breakfast in the Innkeepers Club, and as we walked in, one of the gentlemen who works there said, “Oh, here are the love birds”. We figured that was a good omen. Susie had her favorite…crostini with prosciutto and a slice of melon. Today they had grits, and I made them cheese grits! As usual, a nice breakfast, and a great perk for staying in a club level room.

Then it was back to the room to change and go to the pool. Several relaxing hours poolside, under a beautiful blue sky, reading, sleeping, and visiting with folks. Oh, this is where the Small World theme first comes back. We are sitting next to these two ladies, and Susie talks about the storm that is coming tomorrow and Saturday to Ocean City. One of the ladies hears Susie say “Ocean City”, and she starts talking to us. Turns out that they are Nancy and Roz, and they own Sun Rose Books, on Asbury and 8th Streets in OC. We had a nice discussion with them about life in Ocean City, including favorite restaurants. Nice ladies, and how about the likelihood that we run into someone who lives and works in the same small Jersey Shore town as us?

Then it was back to the cottage for a couple of GDDs in our English Garden, before we showered and got dressed for dinner. We had a 7:15 reservation in the Flying Fish restaurant, right here at the Boardwalk.

Our GDD view, and one of Susie’s little friends!

The Flying Fish was elegant, the food was super, and our waiter JR made us feel special! All that and a 40% Cast Member discount made for a wonderful meal!  A great last night!

We never seem to remember to take food pics BEFORE we eat it!!

A little shopping (got to get the last of the Cast Member discounts), and then we headed to the Belle Vue Bar, for our last nightcap with Allen, and guess what…we met up with someone else from our past!

Kevin Plumb was 20 years old when he started at WABC, and over the years I worked with Kevin on a lot of remotes, I worked for him when he became the Director of Engineering, and now he’s a Vice President with ESPN, who happened to be down in WDW on business, and emailed me. It was good seeing someone I first met back in the 90s, and reminiscing about so much of our shared history!


Kevin has always been tall…I am not shrinking!

So, this is it for WDW and for Florida. We leave tomorrow morning, and sometime tomorrow, we will bid goodbye to the state of Florida. From Indian Rocks Beach on the Gulf Coast, to our nights in Key West, to our stay in Hollywood Beach, to the time we spent with our cousins Jeanne and Walt, to these last 5 glorious days in WDW, it’s been a great trip! Thanks Florida for our preview of Summer, 2018! We WILL be back!

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