Tuesday February 28, 2017

Happy Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Happy Carnevale!!!

Welcome to day one in Disney World. As I write this, it is 12:24 in the AM of March 1st. We just finished up in the Scat Cat Jazz Club in Port Orleans, French Quarter (our resort) and are ready to crash. This evening, we traveled the world by drinking and eating our way through Epcot before returning to our resort for the night. Not going to write much tonight, but will share our day in pictures!!


Shortly after entering Florida, what do we enter but Nassau County!  Hey, we drove this far to be back in Nassau County????

Welcome to Walt Disney World and to Port Orleans, The French Quarter!  The funny thing is that when we leave here, we travel to the real French Quarter and New Orleans!

This evening it was off to EPCOT we go!  We walked a total of 3.8 miles, so I know we saw a lot of stuff.  I know we drank and ate around the world.  Did we have fun?  Yes we did!!


Fat Tuesday was called Carnevale in my house, and it was the day to eat everything in sight before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.  That always meant a fabulous Italian dinner, and we found ourselves in Italy and Tutto Italia, and that served nicely!!

Of course, why stop there, so we found ourselves in the Rose and Crown in England, for some nice cold beers and a taste of Fish and Chips!

After hoofing it back to the car, and driving back to our resort, a night cap was in order!

Two rounds of Long Island Ice Teas (come on…we had to) and a few muchies  at the Scat Cat Club completed day one at WDW!

Sorry, but it’s past my bed time!  See you tomorrow when we head to Animal Kingdom and then meet up with my cousins Jeanne and Walt!!

See you tomorrow!!!


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