Monday, February 27, 2017


Monday afternoon finds us ensconced in a Hampton Inn in Darien, Georgia. This is the second year in a row that we have stopped in Darien, and the reason has to do with food and little else! Last year when we went to Florida, I noted on Facebook that we’d stopped for the night in Darien, Georgia, and within a couple of minutes, I received a text from my friend, and fellow WABC Radio Alumni, Abe Goren, who said that if we were looking for someplace to have dinner, he recommended the fried shrimp at B&J’s Steaks and Seafood in Darien. Long story short, we took Abe’s advice, we loved it, and we’re back!! Thank you Mr. Goren!! Look for an update later in this post!

Another day on Interstate 95 today, traveling 393 miles from our start in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, to our end in Darien. During the day, we drove across the North/South Carolina, and the South Carolina/Georgia borders. Of course, the North Carolina/South Carolina border is the site of the infamous Pedro and South of the Border. Not the tourist draw it once was, but you still see signs advertising it for over 100 miles, and who could miss the sombrero observation tower! I fear that like everything, it’s time is almost over, and one of these days, the border will no longer be Perdo’s residence! Sad, but reality.

Traffic was very good today, except for construction on a bridge on I-95. We lost about 20 minutes in traffic, as we had to drop to one lane to cross the Great Pee Dee River! I don’t know exactly what was going on, but as usual, we didn’t see a lot of action!


When we got up this morning, it was 39 degrees in North Carolina, and when we stopped tonight in Georgia it was 74 degrees, so we are definitely feeling the southern weather effect. In fact, at a rest area on the side of I-95, we saw our first Palm Trees!


Like many people on road trips, we keep track of the license plates we see along the way. It’s a carryover from our childhood, and from when we’d take car trips with our 3 kids, and is just a fun way to see where our fellow travelers are from. Well, today we had a milestone License Plate Spotting moment. This is something that never happened in 9 weeks of travel last fall, and something I don’t think we’ve ever spotted before! Shortly after we crossed into Georgia, an orange Jeep came up next to us. Susie was driving, and I looked over and glanced at the license plate and had to take a second look. In a sea of Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and even New York license plates, I never expected to see a plate from our 49th state, Alaska! As there are many military bases in this area, we thought that perhaps he was a service member, who had his car shipped to his duty station, but whatever the case, it was something we’d never seen before during our travels in the 48 states!


So, right now, Susie and I are relaxing with a Sailor Jerry and Coke Zero, as is our usual travel afternoon habit. In a little bit, we’ll get our acts together and head out for our shrimp dinner and later tonight, I’ll update this blog and post it. Till then, talk among yourselves

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We’re ,back and we have to tell you that B&J’s did not disappoint! As Susie says, “The shrimp are outrageous!!!” Here are two pictures as evidence and you decide!





We can not recommend enough, that if you are traveling through Darien, Georgia and you like shrimp, you make a stop at B&J’s and enjoy some of the freshest, best tasting, perfectly cooked shrimp you will ever be lucky enough to enjoy!! Thanks again Abe Goren for a wonderful food tip!!

See you tomorrow in Walt Disney World, as the “Kenny and Chris Move to LA” saga continues!

Oh God…I ate too much!!!


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