Saturday September 10, 2016 – Day Twenty One


Today we woke up in Kanab, Utah and tonight (or early tomorrow morning), we will be putting our heads down in Las Vegas, Nevada! Sorry that this blog is being posted really late, but I have two excuses. #1 is that we are now on Pacific time, so we are 3 hours earlier than our friends back on the East Coast. #2 is that we are in Las Vegas, Nevada. That’s it, nothing else!

We left our hotel in Kanab, Utah about 10 this morning, after rearranging the car because we were headed towards Las Vegas, and valet parking. If you remember, the other day, Susie rearranged the two small suitcases we have with us, so that all we had to do is bring one into the hotel in Vegas, along with our usual nightly items.

But first, before Las Vegas, it was time for us to visit Zion National Park, another park on my $10 Senior Pass. We realized that it was Saturday, and that more people might be in the park, but we were shocked by how many people seemed to be spending the day in Zion. Even though we entered before 11 AM, the park was jammed! Many of the View Points we passed were totally full, mainly because people were parked and hiking. We saw what we could, but really couldn’t see that much of the park. What we did see was pretty incredible, as we hope these pictures indicate!

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After leaving Zion, we headed to Interstate 15 South, heading towards Las Vegas. In short order, we left Utah again and entered Arizona. However, our route just went through the upper corner of Arizona, and in 26 miles, we were about to enter our third state of the day, Nevada. Of course, as soon as you enter Nevada, you also enter Pacific time, so the clocks go back an hour. When we pulled up in front of the Rio Hotel at 2 PM, it felt more like 3 for us. Right now it’s 10:30 PM here, but for us it’s 11:30, based on when when and where we got up this morning.

We’ve stayed many times at the Rio. Susie and I figured out this is probably the 17th or 18th time this has been our Vegas home. Always nice to show up in a place where you know where everything is, and how to get around!

The last time we were here was about a year and a half ago, and we discovered a new restaurant that wasn’t here last time we were. It turns out that there is a new Guy Fieri restaurant at the Rio, El Burro Borracho. As we are big Guy fans, and have enjoyed Guy’s Chop House at Bally’s Atlantic City, and also like Mexican food, we decided to try Guy’s take on the cuisine. It was great! We had incredible chips and salsa to start, followed by Guacamole with additions, and then we both had Enchiladas…Susie pork and me chicken! Great meal, including the two different drinks we had. First some tasty Sangria, followed by a couple of huge Jalapeno Margaritas! Yum all around!

Then we hit the casino. Played some slots, some video poker, and a little three card poker! No big wins, but we had some fun. Now, it’s time to hit the king side bed. Perhaps we will be better tomorrow, when we spend the whole day in Pacific time, but for now, nightie night!

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