Say Hello to my Little Friend

The origin of today’s story starts way back in the mid 2000s, on one of Kenny’s first professional acting jobs. The second National Tour that Kenny was on after college was the National Tour of Annie. For over two years, Kenny traveled around the country performing Annie in cities big and small, for week long engagements and for one night stands. They traveled from one end of the country to the other, and even to Canada. They performed in the 49th state (Alaska) and even got stuck there, unable to fly out, due to a volcano eruption. Kenny played lots of different rolls in the show, from a New York City Policeman to a member of FDR’s Cabinet. They traveled by bus and by plane and even in the dog “Vannie” with the animals from the show. It was a wonderful experience, and he made lifelong friends. Susie and I, along with other members of the family, were lucky enough to see him perform in places as diverse as Rhode Island and Philadelphia. He was happy doing what he’d always wanted to do, and we were happy for him.

My story starts when the second National Tour was over, and the cast and crew were heading to their various homes. A tradition of the theater, observed by actors unknown and those famous, is to leave a gig with a souvenir. Well, the one that Kenny selected was a dummy that was in one of the scenes in Annie that involved a ventriloquist. People may think this little guy looks like Howdy Doodie, but as I said to somebody on Facebook, “I knew Howdy Doodie, and believe me Sir, this guy is NO Howdy Doodie!”

He was trouble right from the start!

We were reminded of this last week when a group of Facebook memories came up for Susie and I from 5 years ago. At that time, we were in the process of preparing to make our move to Ocean City, and that meant that all the kids had to take a look at their “stuff” that was still residing at Mom and Dad’s house, and decide what they wanted to do with it! Kenny was in the process of deciding what he wanted to take to LA with him, when his little friend popped up. Yes, he was a memory, but was he the kind of memory Kenny wanted to transport across the country? Before the decision was made, we had a couple of days of fun with him, posing him in various situations, and then posting picture of him on Facebook. Here, take a look!

Comments from our Facebook friends ranged from “You guys are cracking me up!” to “I LOVE these!!” You do not know how much we have laughed over these pictures!!
“Keep ’em coming!!” all the way to “He should have his own Facebook page!” right down to, “You guys are creeping me out! STOP!!” As Susie, very aptly said at the time, “Okay. I agree. He is definitely creepy! But didn’t it give you a laugh? And there were no politics involved!!!” We had a lot of fun over the couple of days we were “visited” by him, and now thanks to Facebook memories, he’s back!

So, what you may ask, has he been up to for the last five years? Well, he has been traveling the country, bringing mirth and a bit of creepiness to all he sees! Turns out that Kenny did take him to LA, but not to reside there. Kenny and Chris, along with his sister Krissi and Mike, have been “depositing” him here and there for the past 5 years. Wrapping him as a Christmas present and sending it to his sister, his sister burying it in a bag that was going back home with Kenny, and he has just been showing up here there and everywhere when you least expect him! The latest place he traveled to was Roanoke Lake, North Carolina and the Lake House of their older brother Bill!

Last June, when the entire family was at the lake for Father’s Day weekend, he traveled there, but kept himself hidden while we all were having fun! He must have enjoyed himself though, because when we all left to head home, he decided to stick around. Unfortunately, he was discovered by our oldest Grandchildren Layla and Henry in the upstairs loft bedroom, but both of them landed on the creepy side in terms of their perception of him. Nice job Uncle Kenny or Aunt Krissi…your friend scared your niece and nephew!!

One night during our stay last October at their house in Wake Forest…Susie was helping Layla take a bath, but she needed something in her Mom and Dad’s closet. “Can you help me Grandma…that creepy doll is on the shelf and scares me.” On our last the night there, we were leaving Billy and Lori’s house when Bill ran outside and then came back in. We had no idea why, but as we got to our car we found our little friend hanging on the driver’s door handle!

Who knows where he will take up residence next!

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