A Snow Day at the Shore

Today reminds both Susie and I why we like Florida in the winter!

The snow wasn’t a surprise…it had been predicted for several days. Our favorite local weather guy, Nor’easter Nick Pittman had been talking about, watching the various satellite tracks, and warning that it was coming since before the weekend. Yesterday when he finalized his predictions for today, he came in on the 8-12 inch snowfall totals, with the shore getting the worst of it! Nick was correct!

On the first “Work Day” of the new year, the rain change over to snow early, just before it started getting light. By 8 AM it was obvious that the snow was here, and between the snow, the cold temperatures (it’s 25 now feeling like 11 when yesterday at this time it was closer to 60), and the howling winds, it’s been a hell of a day!

Video taken by Susie just before 8AM from our front door

Just about 2:30 this afternoon, even though it was still snowing, Susie and I bundled up and headed out to see if we could do anything. While Susie worked on the front porch and staircase, I worked clearing our side of the driveway. After Susie realized she was getting no where fast on the porch, she came down and helped me. She dug out the mailbox and cleared a path to it for the mailman. Not sure the whole Rain, Snow, Dark of Night thing exists for them anymore, but just in case! We worked outside for about 45 minutes, and then said we’d had enough.

There was a picture of Susie here too, but she refuses to let me put it on this blog!

It’s still snowing and blowing as what daylight there was today starts fading. Not sure if anything we did will still be there when the snow stops, and they say it’s going to get very cold tonight. The 2022 Honda CRV is comfortable in the garage, where she will probably stay for several days. Susie had a Doctor’s appointment for her hip replacement surgery, which she rescheduled toThursday, and canceled the cleaning ladies till later in the week. Schools in Ocean City and Somers Point are closed due to he weather. Restaurants like Charlie’s and Sal’s in Somers Point, and Yianni’s in Ocean City are closed due to the weather. We’ve got lots of food in the house, and really have no reason to leave before that Doctor’s appointment Susie’s got at 5 PM on Thursday with Dr Zabinski! Besides, we can’t find the box with our gloves, scarfs, earmuffs and other warm winter things! Thank goodness we’ve got our new, super warm Charlie’s sweatshirts that we wore under our coats! Oh, and Susie just told me it’s going to be 48 and rainy on Wednesday and then possible snow again Thursday night into Friday!

Did I tell you we REALLY like Florida in the winter??

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