On The Road Again, Again!!!


Yes, we are indeed on the road again!!  It started with our spending a very enjoyable weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina with our oldest Bill, his wife Lori, our two adorable Grandkids Layla and Henry, and assorted members of Lori’s family.  It was time for our 3rd Christmas, and this time, per Bill’s request, it included Susie’s traditional Christmas Eve dinner, shrimp sauce over linguine, and baked lobsters stuffed with baked clam stuffing!  North Carolina Bar-B-Que is a fitting Christmas Eve feast, but the kid from Long Island missed this traditional dinner he’s had since he was old enough to like lobster!

We had a great time with our little kids, who were anxious for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive, and who had an entire agenda laid out for us to be involved in.  It was good being with our older kids, and as usual, Susie and I had a great time talking extensively with Lori’s mom Kathy!  All around, a great weekend!

So, this morning, rather than head North as we usually do, we headed South!  We traveled down Interstate 95, and of course, what’s I-95 through North Carolina without South of the Border!  Nowhere near it’s former glory, but Pedro still has great presence along the highway!

You definitely know you’re in the south…all you need to do is open your eyes!

Our route took us through Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (eh), and as I write this, we are in the Hampton Inn in Historic Downtown Charleston, South Carolina.  This is a place we’ve never been before, so we decided to spend a couple of days here and see what it’s all about. The sad thing is that although it’s not as cold as it was back home (It was 9 degrees in Ocean City), it was just in the low 40s when we pulled into the hotel, so the cold seems to be following us!  Let’s hope for a warm up, because we’re tired of sweatshirts and fleeces!! 


Stay tuned for more.

In closing, before Susie and I left OC we’d spent about 10 days doing the Keto Diet (well, more like a Lazy Keto…mostly low carb).  I lost 9 pounds and Susie 7.5 pounds, and it’s something we really wanted to try and keep going with.  If you’ve read these travel blogs before, you know that one of our guilty pleasures on the road is eating at Arbys.  Well, here is our lunch on Saturday…totally Keto Friendly!


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