On the afternoon of September 29th, 1979, at the Interfaith Chapel on the C.W. Post College campus, Susie and I started what has truly been the Great Adventure of our lives, as we said our vows in front of friends and family, and became a married couple.  Thirty Nine years ago today, at a place where I graduated from and where Susie, at the same time I was going there, (although we never met), took academic classes while a student at Pilgrim State School of Nursing, she agreed to spend her life with me, and for that I have always been eternally grateful!  

I’ve always believed that our union was destined to be, and it was no accident that we were brought together by friends two years earlier.  There was a plan for our lives, and today we are still living out that script that was written in the stars!  She’s still my best friend, the one I want to be with when I’m down, the one I want to celebrate with when I’m up, the one who kicks me in the ass when I need it, and the single most important person in my life.  We don’t live our lives like others do, and that’s all right with us.  It’s our life, and we love it!

Lets face it, we’re dreamers and so far, they’ve all come true!  as of today, we have been married for 14,235 days or 341,640 hours or 20,498,400 minutes, but I can still remember that scared girl walking down the aisle of the Interfaith Chapel with her Dad  like it was yesterday.  My life has been a dream, because of the lady I’ve spent it with!  I love you now and forever Susie, and I thank God for bringing us together, and for giving us a wonderful life, filled with wonderful kids and grandkids, and friends that are like family!  

Have I been blessed??  You bet you ass I have!  



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