Thirty Seven Years – Saturday, September 29, 1979 to Thursday, September 29, 2016

You know, we keep calling this trip we are on, “Our Big Adventure”, but in reality, Our Big Adventure started on the afternoon of September 29, 1979, at the Interfaith Chapel on the C.W. Post Campus.  You see, it was on that day, before our family and friends, that Susie and I took the vows that cemented our lives together as one!


Through the last 37 years, we have weathered the storm of life, dealing with 3 kids, jobs, different houses, paying the bills, going on vacation, stretching the budget, and just spending time together!  She is still my best friend, the single most important person in my life, and the one person, above all others, that I like spending time with (haven’t we proved that the last 7,500 miles????).

So on the occasion of the 37th Anniversary of the day we tied the knot, thank you Susan Lynn Johnson D’Elia for giving me the greatest life anyone could ever desire!  It has truly been  Our Big Adventure, and it ain’t close to being over!!

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