A Good Idea We’d Like to Share

One of the things that we did differently on this past trip, that we will probably do on every future road trip, had to do with our pillows. Frank has long complained about the fact that some hotels have great pillows, while others have the worst. Some are like a lump of concrete, some are as flat as a pancake, and occasionally, not to sound like Goldilocks, some are just right! In fact, a couple of years ago, Frank did find one of the 5 pillows on our king sized bed at the Rio in Vegas that was just right. The problem was that every night he had to figure out which one it was! Now, Sue is not as pillow conscious on the road, but as she does have pillow likes and dislikes, she agreed to Frank’s plan.

Now I know a lot of you do this, but the plan was to take 2 of our favorite pillows with us. That way, whatever we were thrown in terms of beds and pillow comfort, we always had our own pillows to ease our heads to sleep after a busy day. Well, it worked out incredibly well, and probably led to some of the best travel nights’ sleep we have ever had. Now, my thought was just that we’d throw the pillows into some kind of a bag, and throw it in the trunk of the car, but Sue came up with such an elegant and all encompassing solution, that we just had to share it with you.

Behold, Pillow Bag 101!


What we started with was a multi pocket duffle bag measuring approximately 26X15X12 inches.


The main compartment held our two pillows.


Below the pillows we stashed our PJs.


In one side pocket, Frank’s underwear lived.


While Sue’s were stored in the front pocket.


imageIn the left side pocket was our toiletries bag.


imageAnd in the back pocket, our two Kindles.


Every night we’d grab this bag out of the trunk and in one place we had everything we needed for our stay. It made it so much easier than dragging in our big suitcase and rummaging through it, looking for what we needed. In fact, with the exception of the 5 nights we stayed in Disney World, the big suitcase lived in the trunk. It was easy enough to open the bag and exchange a shirt or pants and we never had to remove it from the Sonata’s trunk.

A simple but elegant solution to being on the road and staying in different motels nightly!

2 thoughts on “A Good Idea We’d Like to Share

  1. I always stay at Hampton Inns and so pillows are consistent from property to property. But like you, I pack two bags when I road trip. The small bag carries everything I need for those overnight stops on the way. The big suitcase only comes out at the final destination otherwise lives in my trunk. It’s saved me lots of time and made those overnight stops quick and easy (and brainless).

    Great idea and a nice bag to accommodate everything.

    Great Tip

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