And so it starts!

If you know anything about us, you know that every two weeks there is a special occasion in the D’Elia Household that we call, Nail Night.  Every second Wednesday, daughter Krissi takes the Long Island Rail Road out to Mineola, walks across the Citibank parking lot, and joins her Mom at the local nail place, and they both have their nails done.  Meanwhile, Dad holds down the fort next door at the bar of the St. James Restaurant, preparing to buy martinis and dinner for the ladies once their nails have been done.  So, you know, that since last night was nail night, our first adventure to Spring Training and Disney World could not start till this morning!

So yesterday was spent packing, getting the car washed and gassed up, and then ultimately loading most of our gear in the car, so that this morning all we had to do was go.  And go we did, a little after 10 this morning we were off!  Before 12 we were in New Jersey and winging our way south on the NJ Turnpike.  In quick succession we went from New York, to New Jersey, to Delaware, and then on to Maryland.  While it was a beautiful sunny morning when we left Long Island, by the time we got near Baltimore, the sky was getting clouded over.  Then we checked the Weather Channel app on our phones!  Winter Weather Advisory for Virginia and Maryland!  What?  I thought we were in the south??

So now it’s a little after 9PM, we are ensconced in the Days Inn in Emporia, Virginia and it is starting
to snow out.  Oh well, when life hands you lemons, cut a peal and put it in your vodka!  We’re about 434 miles from Mineola, and tomorrow’s another day!


See you in Florida!

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